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"Introducing children — including very young children — to stories whose characters have physical or mental challenges, especially when the framing is healthy and positive, helps expand their concept of “normal” and exposes them to a wider array of experiences, building empathy and acceptance."

-The Institute for Humane Education

of  Blind Faith Farm

Meet Peanut, a tiny lamb born on our farm one summer.


Peanut was beautiful. She had dark brown wool, with a little curly halo of white on top of her head.

But Peanut was different than other lambs; she was born blind. She could not see her food or water or even her own mother. Often, it's hard for farm animals with disabilities to survive since without help it can be very difficult for them to live productive lives.


We decided to give Peanut a chance. Thankfully, Peanut’s mom, “Sweetie Pie,” was a nurturing and protective mother who helped Peanut find her milk and so much more. But Peanut needed our help to learn how to lie down and find water in our big pasture. Once we put a jingle bell around Sweetie Pie’s neck, Peanut could always tell where her mother was just by listening.


With her keen sense of smell, she learned how to find the tallest grass. With her sharp hearing, she was able to hear when an apple fell from an apple tree and hurry to the spot where it landed for a tasty snack.

She sometimes had to endure the head-butts of some not-so-friendly sheep, but she learned how to become more confident and give a few little playful head-butts of her own.

This is the joyful and true story about how a lamb overcame a lot of hard challenges to become a happy and healthy member of her flock. And she also became the star of Blind Faith Farm.

Meet Peanut


What people are saying...

"With all that has been happening in the world in recent months, are you ready to read a heart-warming, sweet, and uplifting story of a little lamb?  Peanut of Blind Faith Farm will be the book of the season to brighten your day.  


Wisconsinite Jim Thompson tenderly shares the story of how Peanut, a little lamb who was born blind, meets and overcomes the challenges of her life on the hobby farm of Jim and his wife Laura.


-Alice Jane-Marie Massa, author of The Christmas Carriage and Other Writings of the Holiday Season, retired instructor of Milwaukee Area Technical College  

"Peanut of Blind Faith Farm is a delightful, true tale of the little lamb with a huge will to overcome.  


Through her adventures, she proves there is a big difference between what should be and what can be, given a little time and faith."


-Laura Bourquin, Sullivan, WI

© 2017 by Jim Thompson. All illustrations by Rebecca Gavney Driscoll.  All rights reserved.