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Thank you for taking the time to read about our story and our project! My name is Jim Thompson and I am the author of a recently published children's picture book entitled Peanut of Blind Faith Farm. Here are the front and back covers to give you some background and read what people are saying!

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April 30, 2018

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Signed postcard with Peanut’s image to say thank you for helping our cause!

Pledge Package #2:


Peanut of Blind Faith Farm

Signed Copy - Signed by the author, illustrator, Farmer Laura and a "hoof-print" autograph from Peanut herself!

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Signed Copy AND wool sample.  A signed copy of Peanut of Blind Faith Farm and a sample of wool from Peanut's very own fleece!

Pledge Package #4:


Color Signed and Matted Print  A beautiful 8 x 10 watercolor print, with an 11 x 14 mat, of one of the scenes in the book will be signed by Peanut's illustrator Rebecca Gavney-Driscoll. Have a slice of the book hanging on your wall!

Pledge Package #5:


A Private Video Reading and More!  Everything above PLUS a Private Skype, Smartphone or video reading of Peanut of Blind Faith Farm, from me to you! Signed copy, Wool sample, Signed print, Private reading.

Pledge Package #6:


Original Watercolor Painting

This is a 5 x 7, original watercolor, with an 8 x 10 mat, of one of the scenes in Peanut of Blind Faith Farm. An ORIGINAL painting, signed by artist/Peanut illustrator Rebecca Gavney-Driscoll. A signed copy of the book will accompany this gift as well.

Pledge Package #7:


All of the Above!

Every item listed above is yours! Signed copy, Wool sample, Signed print, Private reading, Original watercolor.


Peanut of Blind Faith Farm is the true story of a tiny blind lamb who was born on our farm in Wisconsin. Peanut faced innumerable challenges, mostly by "trial and error" in order to learn the skills she would need to survive. Her sheer determination and a safe and healthy environment won the day and she became a happy and productive member of her flock, despite her disability. She is now a sassy 7-year old and entertains visitors with her sociable demeanor and sweet disposition. The book was launched in July 2017 to excellent reviews and has been well-received by children and adults. To date we have made 24 appearances at author events throughout Southern Wisconsin. In its first 6-months the book has had two printings (and we hope a third!), and has been featured on several local media platforms, including CBS-TV Sunday Morning.

Who is Peanut?

Blind lamb inspires Children's Book

While Peanut has a disability, she is not disabled.  She is a remarkable animal who, by learning the skills and mechanisms to adjust for her vision, can do anything her flockmates can. She is a creative problem-solver who, given a safe and supportive environment, has found her own way to thrive! When children attending our presentations are asked what they learned from the book, they often comment "Peanut did not give up!”  and "It's OK to be different."

As the Institute for Humane Education, an endorser of our book, said about this message: “Introducing children to disabilities at a young age when the framing is healthy and positive, helps expand their concept of 'normal', building empathy and acceptance." What a great message for everyone to hear!

We have created this campaign to enable Blind Faith Farm, LLC to fund the production and distribution of at least 500 copies of Peanut of Blind Faith Farm in braille and audio formats to be made available at no cost.  This effort is in collaboration with Audio & Braille Literacy Enhancement, Inc. (ABLE) of Milwaukee, WI. The braille book has already been created and this wonderful development in the book's evolution from standard print will help take our story and message to a broader, more inclusive audience. We want to get Peanut of Blind Faith Farm into these very important hands! Funds raised will assist ABLE to:

  • Ensure that blind and visually impaired students have a fair and equal chance education by providing them with braille learning materials at the same time as their sighted peers.


  • Record audio books for blind children to read, above and beyond their textbooks. Just as with sighted children, reading expands their vocabularies, enhances concentration, and promotes logical thinking skills.

If we meet our fundraising goals, we would also like to contribute to the Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired, of Madison, WI to help them obtain a new braille embosser and equip a state-of-the-art Assistive Technology Lab. The Assistive Technology Lab is a classroom environment designed to assist those who are losing their sight by providing access to technology to improve literacy and communication. In the spirit of Peanut’s message, we want to help provide a learning environment that will help others to meet their challenges. Contributions will be used solely towards achieving these goals.

Very special thanks to Audio & Braille Literacy Enhancement, Inc. and The Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library, both of Milwaukee, WI, for their respective roles in selecting and producing Peanut of Blind Faith Farm in braille and audio. Their efforts have made her story in those formats a reality and we are so grateful. To The Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Madison, WI, we thank you for providing clarity and perspective throughout the process of integrating our book into the blind and visually impaired community.

You can help us contribute to the blind and visually impaired communities’ literacy efforts and help spread Peanut’s story and message with a contribution to our project by selecting one of the Pledge Packages seen here. To show our appreciation of your support, we will send you a gift (or several!) based on your pledge. We hope you will consider helping by selecting one of the Pledge Packages on this page.

ABLE is a 501(c)3 organization and your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Or, if you are more comfortable with a mailing, you can send your pledge to:

Audio & Braille Literacy Enhancement (ABLE)

803 West Wells St.

Central Library Building

Milwaukee, WI 53233

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If you have any questions about our campaign, please contact me directly:

Jim Thompson

Author: Peanut of Blind Faith Farm



© 2017 by Jim Thompson. All illustrations by Rebecca Gavney Driscoll.  All rights reserved.